AI Guided Coaching.

Leveraging AI to deliver proactive guidance to sales individuals & teams.

Deploying the best-quality sales coaching can improve performance by up to 19% among the middle 60% of your core sales team (Source: HBR)

What if you could uncover the path taken by your top reps, such that you could identify skills gaps in lower performers and drive everyone to success? Building solid foundations for success starts with deep insight into sales behaviors, both good and bad.

What do we mean by sales behaviors? These are the (often complex) ‘high-value’ and ‘careless’ steps taken by your sales team. Either knowingly or unwittingly performed, they represent the building blocks that lead to deal success or failure.

Understanding and, where necessary, addressing these behaviors are the key to improving the win rate. 

Achieve more with Cloudapps Guided Coaching:


Identify Winning Sales Behaviours

Uncover the successful sales actions of your top performers

Quota 3 - Coaching plan

Deliver personalised, intelligent coaching

Address skills gaps for every individual in your team

Win Rate 1 - Gamification

Raise the average across the team

Make your whole sales team more effective

The Cloudapps Sales Effectiveness platform combines behavioral science with AI technology to deliver sales behavior insights that enable you to identify individual skills gaps and understand the actions that have the greatest impact on sales success.

These insights can then be used to generate a bespoke, ongoing coaching plan for each rep, helping them adopt winning sales behaviors, and enabling everyone to get to quota.  

Combine this with Cloudapps’s guided-selling and motivational gamification techniques, and you’ll have an efficient, effective sales team, ready to win more deals.

Supercharge your guided coaching

Want to ensure your coaching is highly accurate and relevant to your business? Powered by Cloudapps Sensai, the next generation of AI, Cloudapps can deliver in-depth insights blended with behavioural science to provide coaching that is tailored to your business, in real-time. 

Sensai uses deep learning AI technology to analyse existing sales and customer behavioural data and provide insights into which factors play the biggest part in the sales process, and when. Feed this into the Cloudapps platform, and you have a solution that will provide your team with the most accurate winning behaviours for your business. Why rely on behavioural assumptions when you can generate bespoke coaching programs that are based on your company-specific insights.

With this level of coaching accuracy, not only will your middle performers become top performers, but less-experienced recruits can be trained to replicate winning behaviours, reducing the need to recruit as many experienced, higher salaried sales reps.

 The Post Office’s Journey Towards a Successful CRM Implementation

royal mail

When the Post Office introduced a new CRM system, they needed a solution to help train their geographically disparate team – at scale. Using Cloudapps’s guided coaching functionality, they were able to develop a personalized, ongoing training process that not only improved skills but sustained team engagement. They also built in some surprising innovations around traditional selling and servicing. 

On that note.

Your sellers are the face of your business. They are the first point of contact and the go-to people for your prospects and customers.

It’s paramount that you build a strong sales team that can accurately represent your organisation’s goals and values in every interaction they have with your buyers.

Check out what some of the industry’s leaders believe makes an effective sales team in this guide.

Build the Perfect Sales Team