6 Sales Activities that Make you a Top Sales Person

What makes a super successful salesperson?

Apart from being incredibly focused and highly proactive, effective sales reps have a very specific set of sales activities that they religiously follow to guarantee success. Mapping out their days, months and quarters in a way that will provide them the results they crave, time and time again.

Whilst most salespeople perform some form of repeated sales activity in their day-to-day efforts, stellar sellers differentiate themselves by undertaking key sales activities that directly impact the achievement of particular sales targets. They don’t take action for the sake of bulking out their level of activity in front of their manager. No, they have already worked out that by performing certain types of actions, they’re more likely to reach their targets. No embellishment, no time suckers. Just high-value behaviours that lead to results. It’s that simple!

So, what are these high-value sales activities that place certain sales reps above their peers? We’ve looked around both our own sales team and our customer’s to highlight the best and most effective sales behaviours that top sellers exhibit. Below, we’ve listed our favourite six.

How many of these high-value sales activities do you (or your sales reps) exhibit?


High-value Sales Activities Top Sales Reps Exhibit 

1. You keep up with your customers:

Your job doesn’t finish once the contract is signed. You follow up on your customers periodically. Not to hard sell, but to ensure that they are satisfied and getting the value you sold to them.

You know that maintaining this relationship warm is a good practice that has many added benefits. For example, it helps establish you as a trustworthy business person, making the organisation look good.

On top of that, it creates a strong affiliation between you and your customer. Which will later help in ‘land and expand’ campaigns, customer testimonials and industry referrals.

You see each happy customer as another route to lead generation, procuring more and longer-lasting business in the future.


2. You stay on top of your pipeline:

You have one eye on the telephone and the other on the number running through your pipe.

Your pipeline is your bread & butter and you work hard to keep it clean and running smoothly. You base all your decisions and workload around the fact-based data you glean from it. And you are methodical about keeping it full and up-to-date.  You objectively review opportunities and only allow healthy deals to enter into the forecast.


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sales activities

A strong sales pipeline provides the platform to achieve our forecasted number. And our plans for business growth rely heavily on our ability to repeatedly deliver an accurate sales forecast.Learn how you can turn forecasting from an art into a science with a repeatable process that is underpinned by a clean & healthy pipeline. 


3. You use a measurable and repeatable sales process:

You fully understand that every sales person should have a solid and reliable sales process to follow. This process has been born from extensive trial and error. It’s fortified by hard evidence and regularly helps you move a large number of prospects through the pipeline.

You don’t rely on gut-feeling and intuition to make your decisions. You continuously analyse your key metrics, adjusting them as you see necessary.


4. You always tailor messaging to suit particular needs:

That same old sales pitch doesn’t quite cut it for you. You know that one size does not fit all and work hard to keep your message closely tied to your prospect’s needs.

Before every discussion, you take time to highlight the particular requirements of your audience, slicing and dicing your demo to match what the buyer actually wants to hear.

You don’t stop there, either. You regularly check up on the collateral being used and take care of bringing anything that’s sounding tired up to date.

If something is not hitting home with your prospects, you change it. You prove yourself wrong regularly and are glad to find new ways to convey your message every once in a while.


Successful Sales Activity


5. You’re always looking ahead:

More than a sales activity, this one is perhaps more of a winning habit. And one you don’t often find in run-of-the-mill sales reps. Top salespeople are forward facing.

You are not satisfied with simply achieving your given quota, you’re constantly looking for ways to augment it. Moreover, you also take it into your own hands to build a certain percentage of the pipe. You attend networking events, up-sell to existing customers and proactively find new and better ways to reach out to more people.


6. You follow up:

Here’s a sales activity that we all know is good practice but, often due to our very busy schedules, we sometimes sidestep. The most effective salespeople always follow up. More than that, they always have a relevant next step up their sleeve.

As a top salesperson, you make sure your demo has hit the right spot or your proposal has reached the right contact. You answer any questions that may have been left up in the air and keep tabs on any possibility for a future catch up with a wider part of the buying team.


The top seller’s ability to constantly deliver a certain cadence of these six winning actions ultimately determines just how effective their selling approach is.

Of course, these are just some of the sales activities that make up the most successful sales people.


But, what makes a successful sales team?

Check out this white paper to discover what traits and aptitudes constituted a Modern Sales Team and why they are always ready to meet the buyer’s changing needs.


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