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Engage Employees in Sustainability Initiatives using Game Mechanics

Engage employees and drive behavioral change by combining the power of game mechanics, social collaboration and mobility. Nudge employees to participate in initiatives that result in the accelerated achievement of sustainability goals.

  • Deliver a minimum 9% reduction in annual business travel costs
  • Align employees behind corporate sustainability vision and goals
  • Allocate sustainability budgets and targets across the business
  • Create a competitive edge through the use of game mechanics
  • Harvest employees sustainability and cost reduction ideas

Open QuotesHaving headed up domestic and international corporate responsibility teams at both Microsoft and Bank of America, I can honestly say that had CloudApps been available my job would have been made immeasurably easier!Close Quotes

– Amy Clarke, Founder & Director, The Bubble Consultancy


Sustainability Engagement Features



  • Sustainability Engagement for iPad, iPhone, Android & Desktop
  • Corporate Sustainability Vision & Goals
  • Built-in Game Mechanics
  • Sustainability Challenges

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      • Recognition & status, including badges, rewards & leaderboards
      • Points system, featuring sustainability points, experience & levels
      • Friends, including following and sharing

  • “The Buzz” Collaboration

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      • Social networking style collaboration
      • Idea submission and voting
      • External & internal news feeds


Data Loading & Integration : Easy as 1-2-3

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