Building the Employee Engagement Business Case

Posted by: Peter Grant - Thursday, September 29th, 2011

The business case for employee engagement is extremely compelling. Just taking the business travel component alone, CloudApps customers have achieved significant savings; with a typical return on investment of less than 4 months.

7% reduction in air travel costsBy aligning and engaging their employees, the results from one of CloudApps’ customers in the hi-tech industry with over 5,000 employees, who spend $22m on T&E, of which $17m is on flights and the balance on taxis and car mileage, saw the following savings:

  • 27% reduction in taxi usage
  • 15% reduction in mileage claims
  • Great Employee IdeasThe recovery of over 27,000 hours (3,375 man days) per year that would otherwise have been lost traveling; hence increasing employee productivity

On average the results saw a reduction in annual travel expense costs of 9%.

During the same period of time a study was performed on a control group of non-participating employees, which saw anincrease to their travel expense costs by 2.1%

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