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Mandatory Reporting of GHG Emissions

For financial reporting years ending on or after 30 September 2013, under the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors Report) Regulations 2013 all UK quoted companies will be required to report their annual greenhouse gas emissions in their Directors Report.

This white paper outlines what mandatory emissions reporting legislation means for UK business


8 Practical Considerations for Adopting Triple Bottom Line Reporting

With the proposed introduction of mandatory global emissions reporting for all organisations listed on the London Stock Exchange, are we now witnessing the first real shift towards fully integrated financial, environmental and social reporting often referred to as the “Triple Bottom Line” (TBL)?

This white paper highlights 8 considerations for adopting the “Triple Bottom Line” approach to corporate performance reporting


10 Tips for Generating Sustainability Momentum

The word “sustainability” needs to be erased from our language when presenting the topic to our colleagues. It has become an anchor that is slowing the pace of adoption and impacting our ability to deliver the enhanced business performance that, as a result, is being missed by most organisations.

This white paper highlights 10 tips you should consider for unlocking your sustainability-led business performance potential


Supercharge your Sustainability: Using Social, Mobile & Game Mechanics to Engage Employees

This white paper explores how, by bringing the best of the consumer world into every-day business and embracing modern-day technology trends, it is finally possible to engage employees in on-going corporate sustainability initiatives, driving significant financial returns as a result.

Learn how social, mobile and game mechanics are used to engage employees and drive significant financial returns


The RICE Cost Reduction Index: Unlocking Employee Related Environmental Cost Savings

This white paper introduces the RICE (Recurring Investment Cost of Employees) Index; a new way to view workforce-related environmental costs which, until now, may not have been directly assessed by many organisations. It further outlines how, by encouraging changes in employee behaviour, this cost can be quickly reduced.

Learn how to compare & unlock employee related environmental cost savings


Sustainability Software: The Secrets of a Successful Evaluation

Choosing the right software system has never been an easy task; technology changes rapidly and becomes obsolete at an alarming rate; subscription based pricing structures can be new and unfamiliar; and it is hard enough to determine the needs of your company today, let alone in the future.

Learn how to De-Risk your Software Selection with this Comprehensive Guide


Creating the Sustainability Business Case

There is little doubt that it is possible to generate an extremely compelling business case for investment in sustainability management programs. Yet some organisations still find it hard to clearly articulate the hard financial benefits and build a Return-on-Investment (ROI) model that makes sense for their business.

Learn how to Create a Compelling Sustainability Business Case


The Business Case for Employee Engagement

A successful sustainability strategy connects the “bottom-up” efforts of employees on the front-line with “top-down” commitments made by management. There are many benefits available, including: reduced employee business travel costs, improved talent attraction & retention rates & increased employee productivity.

Read About the Case for Employee Engagement in Sustainability


Employee Engagement. Why it Matters to the Bottom Line

This white paper presents the results of a comprehensive survey of employee opinion towards Corporate Sustainability. Highlights include the missed opportunities to significantly reduce wastage and cost from not engaging with employees and a surprising willingness from employees to change jobs if they feel that the organisation they work for is not acting in a sustainable fashion.

Employee Engagement White Paper


Building the Business Case: A Comprehensive Guide to the 25 Top Benefits

Sustainability Dividend This document delivers the inputs you will need to create a compelling justification for investment in Sustainability Management Solutions. It outlines the top 25 benefits that can be derived from implementing an appropriate solution that underpins a well-constructed sustainability strategy.

Download the Business Case Benefit Guide


Building a Return-on-Investment Model

ROI ModelLooking for an ROI model that you can use to demonstrate the 3-year returns that are specific to your business. Look no further!  This Excel template provides a comprehensive model that can be adjusted to suit your particular parameters. Need help putting it together?

Either email us at CloudApps, talk to one of our expert business case partners or download the ROI model template


Energy Management & CRC: 15 Questions Every CFO Should Ask

15 questions every CFO should askManaged properly, CRC generates significant financial benefits. Managed badly, it presents significant compliance, financial and ultimately brand risks that need to be actively managed. Every CRC report has to be submitted as signed-off and approved by a senior company officer. Most often it is the CFO. If your name is on the line, this guide offers a series of discovery questions to help you quickly uncover the true state of your CRC reporting and energy management processes.

Download the 15 question checklist to see how you are performing


Webinar: Making the Business Case for Green Initiatives

Making the Financial Case for Green Initiatives For many sustainability professional the biggest barrier to the adoption of sustainability initiatives remains the reluctance of financial directors to approve green investments where they remain uncertain about the level of returns on offer.

Watch the Webinar: Making the Business Case for Green Initiatives


What next for the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment?

CRC Evidence PacksExecutives participating in the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme are divided on the effectiveness of the scheme and the extent to which it should be reformed. That is the core conclusion of our online survey in conjunction with BusinessGreen and GlobalActionPlan of over 100 executives responsible for their organisation’s compliance.

Find out how the results of this survey and the insight of the respondents are shaping recommendations for policymakers reforms by downloading the whitepaper: “What next for the Carbon Reduction Commitment”.


CRC Newsflash, January 2012: A quick guide to the latest scheme updates

CRC NewsflashThe CRC legislation continues to be refined to make compliance and reporting less burdensome – what’s new? Find out more in our January Newsflash.

Newsflash: Jan 2012


CRC Newsflash, July 2011: A quick guide to the latest scheme updates

CRC NewsflashThe CRC legislation continues to be refined to make compliance and reporting less burdensome – what’s new? Find out more in our July Newsflash.

Newsflash: July 2011


CRC Evidence Packs: A Rapid-Fire Guide

CRC Evidence PacksIf you qualify as a full participant for the CRC scheme this document provides a rapid-fire overview of the evidence pack requirements as published by the Environment Agency and why it is imperative that you start your evidence pack now.

Evidence Packs: A Rapid-Fire Guide


Creating a Corporate Emission Reduction Strategy White Paper

CRC Corporate StrategyThe UK government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme should not be considered as merely a compliance inconvenience. Rather, it should be viewed as the first step along an annual journey of transformation. This white paper outlines the considerations when creating a corporate emissions reduction strategy.

Corporate Emissions Strategy White Paper